StenoKnight CART Services: Realtime Captioning
		for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Mirabai Knight, a Realtime Captioner in NYC

I'm Mirabai Knight, sole proprietor of StenoKnight CART Services. I transcribe classes, lectures, meetings, and conversations for students and professionals, both onsite in New York City and remotely via internet streaming technology.

The purpose of CART (also called open captioning, verbatim realtime transcription, or stenography for the Deaf and hard of hearing) is to transform spoken English into written English so that the eye can perceive it as easily as the ear, without sacrificing precision or efficiency. As each word is spoken, I write it in shorthand on my steno machine at up to 240 words per minute. It's routed to my computer, instantly translated into verbatim English text, and displayed on a wireless tablet, a projector screen, or my client's own computer, in the room or across the country.

I always strive to accommodate my clients' individual communication styles as seamlessly as possible. Though I'm not an ASL interpreter, I sign at an intermediate conversational proficiency, and I'm happy to voice for clients who communicate by writing or typing. I also have an intermediate proficiency with Cued Speech. Medical, technical, and graduate courses are my specialty.

I'm available on a semester-long basis for college and university classes and on an hourly basis for all other engagements. For rates and terms, please email me at or call/text (917) 576-4989.